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1. Henna Tattoo Set
Traditional Mehndi comes west. The 5000 year old artform of temporary body painting with henna has reached the states with powerful flair. Create beautiful designs using these spiritual tattoos. Designs last one to three weeks, the skin is never pierced! Our set includes all natural contents: henna powder, solutions, applicators, eucalyptus oil, reusable stencils, design and instruction sheets. The book Techniques and History of Mehndi is a full compliment to the set. 5" x 8" with 112 pages, fully illustrated. counter       [ New Window ]
2. Piercing name
Your own name on a golden piercing. Price per letter.       [ New Window ]
Airbrush temporary tattoos stencils made for Airbrush Bodyart (Body art) industry.  Also temporary tattoo transfers for regular brush painting. Their airbrush stencil designs (over 600) include armbands, Celtic, tribal, kids, anklets, and other popular graphics. They have a large range of cosmetic Make-up  and inks for the body art industry. Face painting, temporary tattoos, and henna. All products are manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality ingredients.       [ New Window ]
4. How Tattoos Work
Look at all facets of tattooing -- its history and cultural significance, the technology of tattoo machines and how the tattooing process works, and the safety, artistic and legal issues surrounding the practice of tattooing.       [ New Window ]
5. Michaels BodyArt Forum
Get all your tattoo related questions answered and tons more.       [ New Window ]
6. Rings Of Passion
Body piercing jewelry at your fingertips!       [ New Window ]
7. Tattoos.Com
Tattoos.Com Ezine Front Page.       [ New Window ]

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