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1. Creativity For Kids Stained Glass Window Art Kit - stained glass window art (Stained Glass Kits & Supplies)
Decorate glass shapes with translucent paint to create a sensational stained glass effect, then dangle them from a window to catch the sun's rays. Easy two-step process: Draw your design onto the glass shape with squeezable black outline paint, then fill in with translucent stained glass paint and let dry. Kit includes everything you need to make 5 stained glass suncatchers: 5 real glass shapes (star, heart, oval, diamond, and circle), 5 suction cups with hooks and hanging string, 6 colors of translucent stained glass paint, black squeezable outline paint, artist's brush, and illustrated instructions. counter       [ New Window ]
2. E-glassshop
Spun Glass Creations at discounted prices. E-glassshop has a variety of elegant glass creation for all occasions. Angels, Carousels, Dragons and so much more.       [ New Window ]

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