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1. Brakes International
Brakes International are wholesale distributors of friction and hydraulic braking components for all cars and light commercial vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes. Their comprehensive product range is sourced from the world's original equipment manufacturers and top-quality aftermarket producers.       [ New Window ]
2. Ceramic Seals
Standard product range includes Electrical Feedthroughs, Fluid Feedthroughs, Coaxial Connectors, Ceramic Isolators, Thermocouples, Sapphire Viewports, Sapphire Lenses and ancillary equipment. Components can be supplied flange mounted or finished for welding into customers' systems.       [ New Window ]
3. offers over 3500 products at wholesale prices. FREE membership is open to all. They specialize in supplying the retail store owner but they are also open to the public. counter       [ New Window ]
Home of Wholesale Fashion Watches , Sunglasses and Reading Glasses, Mini Desk and Crystal Clock Collections, Pen Sets, Gift Items, Batteries, Watch Bands, Magnetic Therapy Products.Offering Sales, Reduced Prices, Savings, and Super Bargains.       [ New Window ]

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