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Give Stock as a Gift. Custom framed single shares. Disney, Harley, WWF, Coca-Cola. counter       [ New Window ]
2. AbleSys, Corp
The creator of the leading trading indicator (e)ASCTrend and web serach engine for sotkc / futures / commodities / currencies. counter       [ New Window ]
3. Alyuda Tradecision
Professional end-of-day trading software powered by automating Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. Advanced Charting, Money Management. Analytical Studies. Formula Language. Trading Systems. Elliott Waves Analysis.       [ New Window ]
4. Byware Group
BYWARE Group, Serious Software for Traders.       [ New Window ]
Stock Trading Software- Short term swing trading using this simple software can yield monthly returns of 90%+. See every past pick posted on this website.       [ New Window ]
6. Trend Trader
Trend Trader, Specializing in electronic trading using SOES, ECN's and DOT Sysyems for Day Traders, Retail and Institutional traders. counter       [ New Window ]

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