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1. A Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing
When the original Woman's Guide on How to Pee Standing was first created in 1997, they only had the "finger-assist" method, still listed on this page. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. They've had over three million visitors to the Guide, and thousands of women from all walks of life, from doctors to forest firefighters, to policewomen have sent them encouraging e-mail, sharing their mostly positive thoughts on this very personal topic.       [ New Window ]
2. Restop 1
The world's most portable toilet! It's great insurance for those "can't wait" emergencies. Restop(r) biodegradable filling absorbs and deodorizes urine on contact, in a sturdy bag that won't leak or splash. Works for men, women, or children. Safe to dispose of in any trash container. Four per order. (9 x 6"; 2 oz) Made in USA. counter       [ New Window ]
3. TravelMate(TM) non-invasive urinary devices
TravelMate(TM) non-invasive urinary devices enable females to pee through the fly of their clothes while standing, or by attaching our medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer tubing and collection bag, answer the call of nature while seated in a car, boat, or small aircraft.       [ New Window ]

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