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1. Anal Pleasure & Health
A Guide for Men and Women. counter       [ New Window ]
2. Advanced Anal Sex Techniques and Secrets
Anal activities in sex are less talked about, and make many people feel more than a little uncomfortable. This is mainly because of the taboos about the butt, of course, and not because there's anything wrong with it, per se.       [ New Window ]
3. Anal Sex
No one can deny they've not been curious about anal sex. As opposed to straight sex, which practically everyone enjoys, anal sex experience differs greatly from person to person. If learned to do it comfortably, everyone will love anal sex. The key things about anal sex are lubrication and, yes, tenderness.       [ New Window ]
4. Ejaculating butt plug
For your anal pleasure this plug can be filled with warm water, which is squeezed out when needed for your real pleasure. Couple this with the powerful vibrator and blow your mind.       [ New Window ]
5. Gay safe the save gay condom
Gay Safe, the condom for Gays! For save anal sex you need extra strength to be save.       [ New Window ]

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