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1. Attract Sexy Women
Are you fed up of seeing the women you want with other guys? Why is it that some guys seem to get all the women? Well contrary to popular myth it isn't all about your looks, the money you have or how funny you are. The guys who get the majority of the women simply know the secrets of what women want. They use this information to their advantage by manipulating and seducing any woman that they lay their eyes on.       [ New Window ]
2. Flirting
If you're playing the dating game, or just want to look good for your lover, remember that guys and girls like it when the oposite sex takes pride in their apperance. Don't go out looking like you just rolled out of a 5 month coma...       [ New Window ]
3. Porn star Seduction
Bruno B, self-made porn star extraordinaire, shows you his unique, never seen before, interactive dating and seduction guide which is guaranteed to provide YOU with the skills you need to seduce any woman you desire! Even if you are fat, bald and ugly!       [ New Window ]
4. Social Paradise - Meet New People through Friends of Friends
You invite your friends and they invite theirs. Suddenly you are connected to thousands of people. Discover your expanded social circle for friendship, dating, or for the sheer thrill of it.       [ New Window ]

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