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1. Atlantis gspot a soft jelly
Waterproof multi-speed vib. A nicly shaped, chrome color multi-speed 7inch coated in a soft jelly. Plus a unique mini-penis G-spot tip.       [ New Window ]
2. Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot
Like men, women also can ejaculate, enhancing and intensifying their sexual pleasure. In an open, positive style, Deborah Sundahl presents information about female ejaculation including scientific findings, anatomical illustrations, historical accounts, a chapter on how men can help their female partners to ejaculate, and womenís and menís experiences collected during the past two decades.       [ New Window ]
3. Four Positions for a Better Orgasm
Of course you want a steamier sex life -- but there is more to it then candlelight and lingerie. There are actual tried-and-true methods for getting better stimulated and having the Big O.,,533709_576127,00.html       [ New Window ]
4. The G-Spot
Unlike men, women can orgasm several different ways, via clitoral, vaginal, or G-Spot stimulation. You may already climax fairly easily with clitoral stimulation or during intercourse. However, there is an area for stimulation inside your vagina called the G-Spot that you may not have found. Most people don't know about it.       [ New Window ]
5. Getting Started With G-Spot Play
For many women this type of vaginal penetration can be physically and emotionally intense; it isn't the sort of play most folks would want to leap into immediately after taking their clothes off. If you think of sex as being like a feast, you should probably think of the things this article will talk about as being the "main course."       [ New Window ]
6. Vaginal Orgasm
In 1981, The Hite Report revealed that 26% of the three thousand women who participated in the study experienced orgasm regularly during vaginal intercourse, when there was no accompanying manual stimulation of their clitoris.       [ New Window ]
7. Viacreme Distributor
Viagra for Women-Sexual enhancement cream for women of all ages. Regain your sexual drive.       [ New Window ]

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