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1. Adult Clubs 17. Impotency 33. Safe sex
2. Anal Sex 18. Intimate cleansing 34. Sensual massage
3. Birth control 19. Kama Sutra 35. Sex / Erotic (18+)
4. Erogenous Zones 20. Kissing 36. Sex Enhancement
5. Erotic Shopping 21. Masturbating 37. Sex games
6. Erotic Stories 22. Maternity 38. Sex positions
7. Exotic Dance 23. Men's genitals 39. Sexual dysfunctions
8. Fellatio 24. Menstruation 40. Sexual intercourse
9. Fetish 25. Eat Pussy 41. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
10. Fingering 26. Oral sex 42. SM Bondage
11. First Time Sex 27. Orgasms 43. Swing clubs
12. Flirting 28. Penis Enlargement 44. Swingers
13. Forplay 29. Pregnancy 45. Tantric Sex
14. G-spot stimulation 30. Premature Ejaculation 46. Taoism (Sexual Reflexology)
15. Handjobs 31. Pubic Hair (shaving) 47. Women's genitals
16. Homosexuality 32. Sado Masochism    

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1. VitalityMD (women)
Women, now there is an option for you to boost your sex drive. Please your partner the all-natural way, with VitalityMD.       [ New Window ]
2. About Sex
This website was created for the sole purpose of providing information devoted to the understanding and enjoyment of safe and consensual forms of sexual and sensual expression to those who cannot get high-quality, tasteful information about it anywhere else! Whew, quite a mouthful there, anyways simply click on any of the topics below to begin your journey to an enlightened and enjoyable sex life.       [ New Window ]
3. As We Change :: Getting Creative with Sex Video (More Videos)
Learn how to be creative. Move sexual relations beyond the routine to the extraordinary. Game playing can turn into deeply satisfying and emotional lovemaking rituals. Learn to remove the elements of performance anxiety from your lovemaking while safely sharing your sexual likes and dislikes with your partner creating magical moments with each other. counter       [ New Window ]
4. Definitions (Sexuality)
Common sex and sexual terms (slang and medical).       [ New Window ]
5. Links and References on Sexual Health
Comprehensive links Directory on Sexual Health issues and topics.       [ New Window ]
6., the 1st fully interactive sexguide site online.       [ New Window ]
7. Sex For Dummies
Go ahead and laugh at the title of this book, but admit it--do you know what a cytomegalovirus is, or how to get rid of one? (It's a little-known sexually-transmitted disease, and there's no known cure.) Dr. Ruth Westheimer has written a valuable reference for those who think they know it all--and for those who admit they know nothing. Westheimer covers male and female anatomy, masturbation, birth control, and the ups and downs of orgasms, along with many other very sensitive subjects--such as how to come out when you're married and have children. For parents who are having trouble talking with their teens about sex, this book could break the ice. It's especially worthy reading--for young and old alike--for Westheimer's candid discussions of the often-ignored emotional and psychological aspects of sexuality, from the effects of losing one's virginity to having cybersex to handling premature ejaculation and other sexual problems.       [ New Window ]

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