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1. Tarzan vibrator
Tarzan Vibrator Satisfaction guaranteed. Feel the difference this unique multi functional vibrator makes - you'll never want another. 3 "AA" (uM-3) batteries not supplied.       [ New Window ]
2. Clitical.Com
This site focuses on both of the important female sex organs: The Clitoris and the Mind. Men can learn how to use these two important organs to pleasure a women. Whilst women can learn how to explore themselves sexually, how to masturbate and reach better orgasms.       [ New Window ]
3. Mastering Masturbation for Women
Masturbation is an art, a sexual art, a way of feeling an orgasm with out a partner. Mastering masturbation for women was created to give every woman, every where the complete feeling of an orgasm through the knowledge of how to masturbate.       [ New Window ]
4. Orgasm(s) during their menstrual period relieves menstrual cramps
For many women sex during their period is necessary and beneficial. Many women have found experiencing orgasm(s) during their menstrual period relieves menstrual cramps. This is because the uterine contractions of orgasm helps expel the menstrual fluid and relieves some of the muscular tension in the muscles of the uterus, caused by the hormone prostaglandin. Many of these women rely on masturbation to produce their orgasm(s), feeling they are or should be unattractive to their partner at this time.       [ New Window ]
5. Tips on Masturbating for Females
There is no right or wrong way to do it. As long as it feels good and you aren't going to harm yourself, itís okay. Pleasure is the goal and however you get there is perfect. So this article is written mostly for the women out there who are curious about masturbating, but just don't know where to begin.       [ New Window ]
6. Viacreme Distributor
Viagra for Women-Sexual enhancement cream for women of all ages. Regain your sexual drive.       [ New Window ]

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