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1. Lover'S Massage (DVD)
Learn the secrets of sensual loving touch that will leave you and your partner invigorated. Follow our couples as they discover new ways to touch and give each other pleasure. Learn with them about creating the perfect setting, using massage oils, arousing all five senses, and relaxing the entire body to find new erogenous zones. Part of the Loving Sex Series hosted by Dr. Lonnie Barbach. counter       [ New Window ]
2. Sesual Massage
Have the receiver lie on thier back with pillows under the head so they can look up at you. Place a pillow, covered with a towel, under thier hips...       [ New Window ]
3. Syence Skin Care Sensual Massage Oil
Fortified with Vitamin E, Jojoba, Sesame, and Lavender. Provides a stimulating and purifying effect to the skin without friction. Blood vessels are dilated, more oxygen is provided to younger cells in order to improve a healther complexion. The contex of the oil is compatible with the skin's natural sebum that will completely disperse upon application. Oil is fragrance free. counter       [ New Window ]

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