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1. Bathtub Love
Everyone wins with this game -- perfect for a steamy hot tub or bath. Each plastic floating bubble contains suggestions for you and your lover, from playful to naughty. We'll leave the ending to your imagination...       [ New Window ]
2. The Kama Sutra Game
For more than a thousand years, Kama Sutra has been a guide for lovers of all ages. They have interpreted this great work and offer it to a couple as an interactive game experience. The Kama Sutra Game(TM) offers lovers the opportunity to explore the sensual and sexual aspects of their body, mind and spirit on a journey to experience ecstasy.       [ New Window ]
3. 52 Weeks of Romance
Romantic thrills, unexpected surprises, passionate expressions of love & playful games of seduction are all flavors that you can expect to find inside 52 Weeks of Romance.       [ New Window ]
4. Adultrivia
The ultimate trivia game for grown-ups. 2,040 bawdy and informative questions that separate sexual myth from reality, uncover secrets of the rich and famous, and more. Color-coded for use with most trivia game boards. For 2 or more adults.       [ New Window ]
5. An Enchanting Evening
Wishes do come true. Unlike racier games, this secret wish game is a gentle way for couples to connect. Some cards ask for positive, supportive verbal responses, other cards suggest gentle touching. A tasteful gift for bridal showers or Valentine's Day.       [ New Window ]
6. Chocoholics Divine Desserts
You won't mind "getting licked" in this delectable game. As you play, you'll shed clothing -- and inhibitions -- while painting each other with chocolate body frosting. Beware of the dare cards...       [ New Window ]
7. Dirty Minds
A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste! Seemingly "nasty" clues point toward the most innocent of answers. Comes with 50 game cards, 912 naughty clues, and 304 clean answers. Dirty Minds provides 2-6 open-minded adults with hours of laughter.       [ New Window ]
8. Escape to Romance
Escape with two romantic games! The Card Game offers romantic actions or try the Massage Game with erotic suggestions for partner massage. Edible warming oil and aromatherapy massage oil and lotion make for delicious fun for two.       [ New Window ]
9. Kama sutra domino
Kama Sutra the ancient art of making love is now as a domino game. Match the sexual positions and have fun.       [ New Window ]
10. Relationship Enrichment Systems Inc.
Seize the moment with this blissful game -- it's about laughing and loving and being playful, sensual, and sexual. Circle the board, drawing daring Intimacy Cards and sensual Pleasure Cards.       [ New Window ]
11. Sex xweb
It begins innocently enough, but as the game progresses, the players become more and more caught up in the web of sensuality. The path the players take with the very first throw of the die transports them from soft to warm and then through hot on the way to hard.       [ New Window ]

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