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1. The Art of Tantric Sex
This guide shows how to discover the joys of deep sexual communication through an accessible and erotic interpretation of tantic teachings. It offers programmes on developing a sensually and sexually receptive body, basic yoga positions to strengthen the link between body and mind, and meditation exercises that lead to new levels of intimacy. Illustrated with colour photographs of contemporary couples, readers are guided through the ways of tantric lovemaking to transform the energy of sexual arousal. Individual and partnership exercises on meditation, touch and sensory awareness are featured.       [ New Window ]
2. TantraMagic.Com
Discover ancient secrets of Tantra, Tantric Sex and the Kama Sutra.       [ New Window ]
3., the first website dedicated to teaching you how to practice Tantric sex and reach amazing new heights of sexual pleasure. Tantric sex will offer you true sexual ecstasy like you've never experienced before.       [ New Window ]
4. Tantric Love
A Nine-Step Guide to Transforming Lovers into Soul Mates. counter       [ New Window ]
5. The art of Tantra
The receiver is to relax, breathe deeply and receive. The giver is to be of service to their partner. This is an intimate process done with love and respect. The giver will begin by...
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