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1. Aaliyah
Seven years after her debut at just 15 years old, Aaliyah assembled a third studio album that was astonishingly mature. Sadly, her death just a little over a month after its release stilled a promising voice in R&B. At 22, when most artists would just be getting started, Aaliyah had already progressed from pop to street to an unconventional retro-modern, risk-taking version of R&B. While lead track "We Need a Resolution" is as mainstream as it gets, there are fewer hits on this album than on previous efforts. Instead, this collection is an extraordinary romantic exposition of passion and pain.       [ New Window ]
2. Aaliyah Haughton
Aaliyah music videos, news, movies, links, audio samples, and a biography of Aaliyah.       [ New Window ]
3. Aaliyah pictures
Celebrity Pictures Archive: Aaliyah pictures, photos and links.       [ New Window ]
4. - Tribute to An Angel
She's like Princess Diana to our Hip Hop Community., Quinn Mallory.       [ New Window ]

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