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1. The Hits--Chapter One
The Hits--Chapter One, which is one-stop shopping for the hunky pop group's three American albums--their 1997 self-titled debut, 1999's Millennium, and 2000's Black & Blue. The first disc really shines with "As Long as You Love Me," "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)," and "All I Have to Give," capturing the Backstreet Boys' essence: sunny pop under the influence of blue-eyed soul. "I Want It That Way," from the second album, is an undeniable classic, while "The Call" has a deliciously frenzied sexual urgency and a strong, danceable beat.       [ New Window ]
2. Backstreet Boys BLVD - the Ultimate Backstreet Boys Fan Site
Backstreet Boys BLVD, your corner stop for BSB news, appearances, albums, pics, midis, wavs, and a whole lot more goodies!       [ New Window ]
3. Backstreet Boys pictures
Celebrity Pictures Archive: Backstreet Boys pictures, photos and links.       [ New Window ]
The largest Backstreet Boy site on the net. These pages are updated daily with the latest news, pictures and sounds. This highly interactive Backstreet Boys fan site contains over 19,000 pictures, 15,000 opinions, 2,000 news articles, 1,500 reader reviews, 7,500 web links and serves up an astonishing 15 million page hits per month.       [ New Window ]

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