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1. Dixie Chicks
Informatiin about the Dixie Chicks: This female trio's beguiling mixture of bluegrass, straight country and pop shook up the contemporary country scene in the late 90s. Raised in Texas, USA, sisters Martie Seidel (mandolin/fiddle) and Emily Erwin (banjo/dobro) were playing their instruments from an early age.       [ New Window ]
2. Home -- Dixie Chicks; Audio CD
The Dixie Chicks aren't old enough to remember when radio programmed pop records next to country, rock, folk, and beyond, but their Texas DNA tells them that's the way music was meant to be heard. On Home, which they coproduced in Austin with Lloyd Maines, the father of lead singer Natalie Maines, they strip off the star-making gloss of Nashville and get down to the meat of the matter, turning out an acoustic record that gives a big Texas howdy to bluegrass.       [ New Window ]

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