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1. Avril Lavigne 9. Dixie Chicks 17. Madonna
2. Aaliyah 10. Christina Aguilera 18. Rap (artists)
3. Aerosmith 11. Herman Brood 19. Rolling Stones
4. Artist Booking 12. Janet Jackson 20. Song lyrics
5. Backstreet Boys 13. Michael Jackson 21. Britney Spears
6. Björk 14. Alicia Keys 22. Jimmy Witherspoon
7. Blur 15. Jennifer Lopez    
8. The Carpenters 16. Suzanna Lubrano    

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4. Ola
Playing a mixture of traditional and original tunes and songs, young trio Ola have performed at folk clubs and festivals all over the UK. The line-up consists of Michael Jary on concertinas, Helen Bell on viola and vocals, and Bella Hardy on vocals, fiddle and feet.       [ New Window ]

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