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1. MusicMatch
Put all your music on your computer with MUSICMATCH 7.5! The best digital audio Jukebox software in the world. (Play, Rip and Burn MP3s) counter       [ New Window ]
2. CD-Ripper 4.6
Want to rip CD audio to MP3 format? CD Ripper records audio from your CDs and saves it in MP3 or WAV format.       [ New Window ]
3. Moderal Jukebox 1.03
The best MP3 Organizer and MP3 player software for you Moderal Jukebox is a windows MP3 Organizer and MP3 Player software designed for music fans. It designed to help people in their everyday repetitive tasks. Once installed, Moderal Jukebox turns you PC into an audio shop with well-organized music catalogs. Selecting songs is just like picking up a CD from the shelf. You can easily play music by directories, albums or artists.       [ New Window ]
4. MP3 Converter 2.68
MP3 Converter is a ideal all-in-one tool to convert batches of mp3 file format into wav file format for burning onto a CD, converting wav file format to the mp3 file format to listen to your favorite wavs but in the smaller mp3 format, and it is just a cool mp3 player, wave player.       [ New Window ]
5. MP3 Dancers
MP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance IN RHYTHM along the bottom of your computer screen. Whatever you're listening to, wherever it comes from (cd or mp3 player), you will have these cute professional dancers move to the rhythm.
The sofware is absolutely free.       [ New Window ]
6. MP3 WAV Converter 2.68
MP3 WAV Converter is the ideal all-in-one tool for converting batches of MP3 into WAV for CD burning. Want to get more music on a disk? It's also great for converting your favorite old collection of WAV into the space-saving condensed MP3 format. And it's an excellent MP3 and WAV player on its own. Cool interface, easy to use, maximized throughput, superb output quality, batch conversion feature, Play&Convert List auto-save, and help provided. MP3 WAV Converter software works on any Windows platform.       [ New Window ]
7., Inc. is home to one of the largest collections of digital music on the Internet. A favorite of music fans and emerging Artists alike, features streaming and downloadable music from more than 250,000 Artists and over 750,000 songs.       [ New Window ]
8. Mp3karaoke
The newest hits and classics in professionally produced instrumental sing-along tracks and sing with higher profits! You can download FREE sample songs, and enjoy fully licensed musical content for immediate purchase and download. New songs are constantly added. counter       [ New Window ]

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