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1. Marge & Lisa Simpson Broomstick Plush Dolls (Character & Cartoon)
Marge and Lisa Simpson are Sweeping up Laughs - Look out, Marge and Lisa are about to fly right into your house! Inspired by the now legendary Halloween episodes of "The Simpsons," television's longest running prime-time animated series, this plush mother-daughter team is soaring through the air and ready to bewitch you! Always popular, Applause toys and collectibles are famous for quality, and Marge and Lisa are sure to sweep a lot of collectors off their feet - order now! counter       [ New Window ]
2. Mist Palace
Original and animated palace style cartoon dolls, cuties, this site has blondies, brunettes, fantasy, goth, & backgrounds! More kinds of dolls will be added in the furture. Also buttons & banners by request!       [ New Window ]

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