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1. Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Cramps) 4. Premenstrual Syndrome 7. Tampons
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3. Pregnancy 6. Sex during menstruation    

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1. The Instead® SoftCup®
Instead® SoftCup® will move along with you, so even if you're having your period, you can be ready for anything...whether it's swimming, hiking, biking or making love. Yes, while Instead is not a contraceptive, it is the only form of feminine protection that lets you have clean, comfortable sex during your period.       [ New Window ]
2. (P)ro-Gest (M)enstrual (S)olutions Natural Progesterone Cream
Pro-Gest® Menstrual Support contains natural progesterone paired with evening primrose oil, specifically designed to provide menstrual support to women in their reproductive years as well as for those in their early perimenopausal years. Formulated especially for a younger woman's skin, Emerita Pro-Gest® Menstrual Support contains the light and refreshing oils of avocado, grapefruit, and tangerine. icon       [ New Window ]
3. All About Menstruation
Information for girls about menstruation.       [ New Window ]
4. Beppy tampons
When you don't want your period to come between your and your sexlife! - Beppy, easy to use, hygienic soft Tampons Without string and specifically designed to provide women with maximum protection, comfort and discretion. With Beppy Soft Tamons a woman can be as sexually active as she like's during her period. Beppy's soft structure and round shapes enables easy insertion. Beppy soft tampons with anatomic patented design for secure fit and full protection.
Order now       [ New Window ]
5. Lunapads -Washable Menstrual Pads-
Lunapads come in three styles: regular maxis for average-to-heavy flow; mini pads, for lighter flow and longer nighttime pads. All styles are available in 100% cotton prints and colours or 100% organic cotton.       [ New Window ]
This website educates women about themselves and their bodies. They provide information, products, and an alternative viewpoint about menstruation so that women feel empowered and positive about their choices.       [ New Window ]
7. Museum of Menstruation & Women's Health
Discover the rich history of menstruation and women's health on this Web site - MUM for short - devoted to menstruation and selected topics of women's health!       [ New Window ]
8. Women's Health Series
Menstruation: Understanding Your Body. counter       [ New Window ]

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