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1. The Instead® SoftCup®
Instead® SoftCup® will move along with you, so even if you're having your period, you can be ready for anything...whether it's swimming, hiking, biking or making love. Yes, while Instead is not a contraceptive, it is the only form of feminine protection that lets you have clean, comfortable sex during your period.       [ New Window ]
2. Beppy tampons
When you don't want your period to come between your and your sexlife! - Beppy, easy to use, hygienic soft Tampons Without string and specifically designed to provide women with maximum protection, comfort and discretion. With Beppy Soft Tamons a woman can be as sexually active as she like's during her period. Beppy's soft structure and round shapes enables easy insertion. Beppy soft tampons with anatomic patented design for secure fit and full protection.
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3. Have Great Sex While She's Menstruating (
For some women, the monthly visitor is a time for unadulterated bitching, whining and unbearable cramps. But for other women, it's a time when they are at their horniest because their hormones are flaring and, the fact that having sex while bleeding is taboo may also add to their enticement for sex.       [ New Window ]
4. Menstruation and Sex
Menstruation and a woman's menstrual cycle play a very large part in her life. If you consider the average woman starts to menstruate at the age of twelve and continues to do so until she is about fifty years of age, experiences a menstrual period five days in length every twenty-eight days, she spends an average of seven years of her life menstruating. In addition, some aspect of her menstrual cycle may play a part in her daily life for thirty or more years. As a result, a woman's menstrual cycle plays a major part in her and her partner's sex life.       [ New Window ]
5. Orgasm(s) during their menstrual period relieves menstrual cramps
For many women sex during their period is necessary and beneficial. Many women have found experiencing orgasm(s) during their menstrual period relieves menstrual cramps. This is because the uterine contractions of orgasm helps expel the menstrual fluid and relieves some of the muscular tension in the muscles of the uterus, caused by the hormone prostaglandin. Many of these women rely on masturbation to produce their orgasm(s), feeling they are or should be unattractive to their partner at this time.       [ New Window ]
6. Quran's rule on: menstruation and sex
It is sexist and damaging to women to claim that menstruation is in any way "unclean" it is in fact a healthy process that enhances the health of the womb and an essential part of being a women and a positive part of a women's identity. Women are no more unclean than Men. Remember Quran 3:195.       [ New Window ]
7. Sex and menstruation
A particular tantric initiation involves making love in a graveyard to a woman who is bleeding! What do you feel about making love while you or your partner is menstruating? This is the original discussion board for you to check out. You can make your comments on the current discussion in our yOni community pages.       [ New Window ]
8. Sex during a Period
Avoiding intercourse during a woman's period is a common taboo throughout the world, in many different cultures and time periods.,,242103_836,00.html       [ New Window ]

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