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1. Claire the housewife
Claire is the definition of a real scatlover. She says she loves to eat the shit of her husbands ass! Don't miss her video: Shit eating, anal scat fisting & pee drinking!       [ New Window ]
2. Jamie the Baby
Jamie loves to do roleplaying games with her friends. Today she is an immature baby. They way she plays with that poo is just crazy!       [ New Window ]
3. Jenny the granny
Jenny works as a desk clerk at a law firm in Tampa. She says that she always been into shit rubbing action. These kinky sexgames turn her on so much. Very nice Jenny!       [ New Window ]
4. Michella the shit eater
Michella contacted shitxxx and told them that she had always been interested in trying scat sex, and that she would love to be on this site. So here it is: Michelle's first scat experience!       [ New Window ]
5. Sabrina the nymph
Sabrina is a kindergarten teacher in Florida. I'll tell you one thing. I'd pay top dollar to be shitted on by her! And then lick the pee from her warm pussy! This woman is amazing...       [ New Window ]
6. Samantha & Denise scat lesbians
Samantha is a mother of two and Denise is her best friend. They love too shit and pee on each other. This truly is amazing lesbian scat sex, and we captured it all on video!       [ New Window ]
7. Robina & the patient
Robina is a nurse at a hospital in Miami. Sometimes when work is over she and some colleagues stay to play games together. Piss & shit drinking is a very common game!       [ New Window ]
8. The scat orgy
Sarah is very openminded and wants to try everything at least once. She's always had a shit and pee fetish and now she's convinced her friends to join her in this hot shit orgy!       [ New Window ]
9. is all about Shit Eating and the men and women who like to engage in sexual activities involving shit! Quite frankly this is a SHIT site!       [ New Window ]
10. The teacher's club
Alexa is a hot school teacher. Together with the board of directors she have incredible shit orgies in the locker room every friday afternoon. This time they've invited shitxxx to film it!       [ New Window ]
11. Tina the squirter
When Tina orgasms she squirts her juices all over. You don't know if its pussy juice or piss coming out of her. Absolutely incredible! She also LOVES to play with poo.       [ New Window ]

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