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1. Yellow Silk II: International Erotic Stories and Poems
A companion to the earlier Yellow Silk collection (1991) that locates the most erogenous zone well above the belt, this time embracing erotic expression from around the world and arranged in sections labeled by global location ("inside," "outside," "center," "the four directions"). Epigraphs from Samuel Green ("Psalm") and Rumi establish the predominance of the imaginative over the carnal.       [ New Window ]
2. The Adult Erotica Archive
The Adult Erotica Archive Has: Over 10,000 Steamy Erotic Hardcore Stories.       [ New Window ]
3. Asciipr0n Fiction
The Asciipr0n Fiction is an adult web site featuring free xxx stories, really good erotic fiction.       [ New Window ]
4. Daily XXX Stories
Prepare for an Erotic Adventure That Will Captive & Stimulate You Like Never Before!       [ New Window ]
5. Erotic Fantasy
Erotic Fantasy features thousands of hot stories in tons of diffrent categories! benter our archive today to read about wild sexual encounters and first time experiences!       [ New Window ]
Free erotic stories, sex stories and romantic stories for your reading pleasure!       [ New Window ]
7. JungleErotica
JungleErotica offers thousands of hardcore movies, live sex shows, exclusive XXX hardcore pictures of lovely young amateur models, tons of free games, movies, sex stories, magazines and much more.       [ New Window ]
8. Sinful Tales
Read all their dirty little secrets!       [ New Window ]
Largest collection of erotic sex stories on the net today. NOW with over 12,000 Sex stories sorted and indexed by category.       [ New Window ]

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