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1. Alternative Lifestyles
A Guide to Research Collections on Intentional Communities, Nudism, and Sexual Freedom. counter       [ New Window ]
2. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)
The American Association for Nude Recreation has been serving the needs of North American nudists and their families since 1931. A roster of more than 240 private clubs, resorts, and RV campgrounds, as well as nearly 50,000 individual members, makes AANR the oldest, largest, and one of the most respected nudist organizations.       [ New Window ]
3. International Naturist Federation (INF/FNI)
Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterised by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the enviroment.       [ New Window ]
4. Naked2u
Naked2u, the best Naked Review site on the net! bringing you the best car, bike, movie, DVD, CD, game and gadget previews and reviews along with our exciting event and city guides, interviews and extra special features. All this presented by our beautiful naked presenters.       [ New Window ]
5. Naturism/Nudism Resources
Naturism/Nudism Resources & Links to Other Sites. No erotica can be found here or on any of the sites listed. This site is an attempt to link every TRUE naturism/nudism refer...       [ New Window ]
6. Naturist passion
Powerful search engine designed to finding nudist / naturist related nudist resorts, beaches and naturist people and more.       [ New Window ]
7. The Naturist Society
The mission of The Naturist Society is to promote a culture of body acceptance through clothing-optional recreation, using the tools of education and community outreach. The Naturist Society celebrates the nude human form as inherently wholesome and natural; TNS promotes attitudes of tolerance and respect toward the body, and rejects the exploitation of the body for commercial or sexual purposes.       [ New Window ]
8. World of the Nudest Nudist (Smoothy Club)
A Smoothy.... Until recently this word was unknown in the nudist world, but now it is becoming fully accepted. Smoothies drop their last piece of clothing - their pubic hair - and so these nudists are barer than nude! The word 'smooth' refers to the clean shaven body. Naturism has discovered smoothness: men and woman are getting smoother and smoother.... For the adepts of this shaven lifestyle we have founded the Nederlandse (=Dutch) Smoothy Club, which offers members the chance of getting in touch with other members all over the world.       [ New Window ]

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