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1. The OrbiTrek exerciser
The OrbiTrek exerciser is more workout than a treadmill, more versatile than a Stairmaster and more fun than a ski machine! Pedal your way to whole-body fitness on this revolutionary new exercise machine. The elliptical rotation of the pedals and the vertical stride bars are engineered to complement the natural movements of the human body. Tested for effectiveness and durability by some of America's leading trainers, doctors and athletes, the OrbiTrek has become a fitness sensation! counter       [ New Window ]
2. Bowflex 6 Weeks To A New Body
In as little as 6 weeks you can totally reshape your body.       [ New Window ]
3. Elite Image Nutrition
Bodybuilding certified personal trainer and certified bodybuilding nutritionist Todd Swinney provides professional certified nutrition counseling, workout training and nutritional supplements.       [ New Window ]
4. Great Body Site
Anybody, including YOU can get the body of their dreams without having to spend their entire life down the gym.       [ New Window ]
5. delivers professional training advice in video and text format complete with examples of how to benefit from your own personal workouts and improve your health. Our content is 100 % original. Check the video and free pics areas to get a sample of the training content. Learn how to improve your health, appearance and energy levels through an ongoing fitness program. Enjoy the student workouts and benefit from the practical hints and tips from the coach, Doc Alexander.       [ New Window ]

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